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I’m glad you found my corner of the Internet.

I’m a young programming enthusiast. I mainly do web stuff. I’m comfortable with HTML and LESS, and I’m not that bad with raw JavaScript. I’m currently learning PHP, and trying to pick up Vue.js. I also know a very little bit of Python, and I know the Linux command line. I love Free and Open-Source Software.

🔗 I often share things in my Links and microstuffs (a Shaarli instance)

📐 What I’m working on

Screenshot of a dummy wiki start page using NotionWiki


A template for DokuWiki, inspired by the look and feel of Notion.

CNRTLReader screenshot


My first try at making a Progressive Web App. A simple and clean app for reading French dictionaries from the CNRTL’s website. Because their website looks old and is not adapted to mobile devices.

Baguette time!
CatSource logo


A work-in-progress collaboratively written blog about Scratch. Also home to Old Scratch Blue and other Scratch-related stuff.

Right over here

📂 What I made

Screenshot of Scratcher Yllie's profile on Scratch Profile Embed

Scratch Profile Embed

My first “big” project. A more-or-less pretty embed for your Scratch profile. Thanks to Andreto who has helped a lot.

Check it out
Screenshot of Deezer using the Deezer Dark Comfort userstyle

Deezer Dark Comfort

A dark theme for Deezer I had made when it didn’t have one. It recieved 240+ downloads on userstyles.org. I didn’t update it in a while, though, so it doesn't work anymore.

Ease your eyes
Screenshot of Scratch using the Old Scratch Blue userstyle

Old Scratch Blue

A userstyle for Scratch, that brings the old 2.0 blue as the accent color.

Ease your eyes once again
Kanboard with the Kanboard Modern CSS theme screenshot

Kanboard modern CSS

A simple CSS theme for Kanboard. For the best experience, use it with Kanext 😉

Style your boards
MDR BOT logo


The funniest useless French-speaking Discord bot.