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Iā€™m glad you found my website (self-hosted btw)

I like to code stuff when motivation goes stonks. Iā€™m comfortable with using HTML (not uncommon tbh) and LESS, and Iā€™m not that bad with raw JavaScript. I'm not learning PHP anymore because PHP bad, but I'm trying stuff in Golang.
I use Linux (sorry but Ubuntu) because 1) Old computer, 2) Customization 3) macOS sucks and 4) it's FOSS.
FOSS is all about sharing and that's cool.

šŸ”— speaking of sharing I "often" share things in my Links and microstuffs (a Shaarli instance)

Below is some stuff I coded, still code, host or whatever.

Itchy for Android: An ionic-Vue (I didn't choose) application to access Scratch on the go. Developed with the Scratch Client 4 community (but mostly Micah)

Services : I host an RSS-Bridge and a CORS-Anywhere proxy. I used to host a Mattermost instance, but no one ever used that (too bad, Mattermost is great). I also host a file sharing thing for those who know the password.

NotionWiki: A template for DokuWiki inspired by the look and feel of Notion. Began working on it, hoping to release a usable version soon™

CNRTLReader: My first try at making a "progressive web app" as they call it. A simple and clean app for reading French dictionaries from the CNRTL's website, because their website is old and not mobile-friendly. It's a thing I made that I actually use myself, for once. I'm still waiting on myself to implement support for more than just one of the dictionaries.

CatSource: A collaborative blog about Scratch with the modest ambitions of becoming a ultimate ressource for everything Scratch. But, uh, let's pretend I have other things to do.

Scratch Profile Embed: That was my first "real" project you could say. An embed card for your Scratch profile. That's it. Andreto helped a lot with it and I've had very positive feedback (thanks!). The link above goes to the deprecation notice with more information about why I made the thing and deprecated it.

Deezer Dark Comfort: Back then when I used Deezer, when it didn't have a dark theme and userstyles were a thing (rest in peace userstyles.org and f you SimilarWeb), and I was just an innocent Scratcher. It did get 240+ downloads but I didn't update it since then, it's broken.

Old Scratch Blue: Actually, userstyles are still cool, especially when it comes to the hurting Scratch blue.

Kanboard Modern CSS: You could say I like userstyles, but this one is packaged as a Kanboard plugin, so it's not really a userstylekkate, even though it kind of is, actually.

MDR BOT: Good times.

This website is self-hosted on a Raspberry Pi 3. Self-hosting is great! Have a look at YunoHost if you want to get into that. Random fact : I instinctively typed this link in Markdown.